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Yukiko Matsuzawa Matsubokkuri Kobo
Freelance illustrator

Born in Akita, raised in Niigata, and now living in Akita City after working in Tokyo (the address will be disclosed after the transaction starts)

The illustration is self-taught and is a morning person who wakes up at sunrise.

I am learning flamenco as a hobby.

I love reading manga, but recently I've been watching Youtube more and more.

Click here for books with illustrations in the past, MOOK, etc. →

tel: 018.863.4200


​ Regarding your request

I try to create bright and fun illustrations.

​ Specialties are for children, teaching materials, animals, food, comical, manga, health, long-term care, etc.

We will reply to your email within 24 hours. ​ Please feel free to contact us.

● Please let us know the production details, points, colors, sizes, schedules, budget, etc.

● We will start this production after receiving a rough OK.

● The final submission will be the data delivery.

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